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Hi Everyone. This is the first blog for Luxor Nutrition. Over a year ago we started
manufacturing protein powder for ourselves. That grew instantly to our family
and friends and then quickly expanded to friends of friends. Soon our client list
grew to include some local sports teams and fitness centres. We now find
ourselves in the position with our protein powder being asked for by retail
outlets. We are excited and proud to now preparing for our official launch in
retail stores in mid-February.

After sourcing our raw products from various locations around the world, we
have been fortunate enough to find very high quality ingredients right here in
North America. This is important to us because we believe very strongly in
purchasing locally to do what little we can to help grow our North American
economy especially in these recession-era times.

It is even more exciting to be part of a company that creates high-quality
supplements that produce results. I feel especially lucky to be working at what I
love doing and look forward to all of the products that we will be offering in the
near and far future.

Thanks for your interest and I guarantee you will be excited when you see what
we have planned. In fact, we know you will await with eager anticipation once we
start releasing our various products.

Bill Belcher
President, Luxor Nutrition
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